Saar Global Marine Solutions Pvt Ltd

IT Management (Ship / Shore based)

Committed in providing qualitative and tailor-made management services to the maritime industry

SAAR has in house IT team, dedicated for developing / testing various shipping related software & hardware.

Below Shipping related software’s / IT Support on offer:

  • Planned Maintenance System Software / PRIME MARINE
  • Crew Management Software
  • Development Procurement and accounting software
  • Performance Evaluation software
  • Noon Log Software
  • MRV Collection Software
  • Weather Routing Software
  • Crew Payroll Software
  • We are in process of developing in house Crewing Software (Proposed name SAAR-ITC) which is expected for launch by Mid Feb – 2023.
  • From the time of company inception, 800+ Man Hours invested for the same, and during test launch have received credible feedback from shipping test clients.
  • Has been planned, however same will be initiated after the successful launch of the crewing software.

Our Other Services

Crew Management

We consider the crew to be the most important factor in ship management and securing a qualified and experienced crew with a high retention rate is our highest priority.

Crew Trainings

Training of officers and ratings is of utmost importance. We have a systematic approach to assessing and enhancing the competencies of crew, based on clients’ individual on-board standards.

Purchase (PROCUREMENT) Services

We are working to ensure that the Company vessels are provided with spare parts, consumables and provision or repair and service in a uniformed and clear manner with optimal speed and costs.

Financial / Accounting Services

We ensure that your books are in order by assisting you with Vessel operation, Payrolling and Opex, Monthly reporting to owners.

Ship Repair / Dry Dock Assistance

SAAR team has successfully assisted in completing various repair work and dry dock attendance for leading ship management companies.

Technical Management

It is our principal responsibility to ensure that the vessels operating worldwide perform as safe, economically and efficiently as possible according to the company and industry standards.

Marine / HSEQ Management

Our primary role as Marine / HSEQ Managers is to ensure safe operations of the vessels and compliance to all international marine requirements.